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JTC Painting & Decorating Corporation is a full service painting contractor, dedicated to serving the special interior needs of Fortune 500 firms, banking and financial houses, law firms, national and regional retailers, cultural and fine arts organizations, and media entertainment groups.

JTC Painting & Decorating Corporation has been a leader in the painting and decorating industry. Located in the heart of Manhattan, JTC Painting and Decorating Corporation provides the New York Tri-State area with integrity, reliability, quality and customer satisfaction.

At JTC Painting and Decorating Corporation, our primary directive is to satisfy clients by delivering results. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Our experienced staff of professional will ensure that your project is completed to your exact specifications and on time. We maintain experienced and union skilled painters and paper hangers to uphold our corporate values and dedication to excellence. We measure our success by building long term relationships with our clients.

JTC Painting and Decorating Corporation abides to all O.S.H.A. safety standards,  and is Bondable and fully insured.

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Intumescent Fireproofing


Our bottom line is that every person who works on our projects needs to return home safe every night. Ensuring the safety of our work sites is the most important service we provide, not only to our clients but also to our employees and subcontractors and the public in and around our active sites.
Given this important responsibility we set a higher standard for safety excellence than that required by the letter of the law. We often partner with OSHA and other safety professionals to exceed safety thresholds throughout both our firm and the industry.

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